X world Games Airdrop prize pool is worth 2,000,000 $XWG tokens.

About X world Games

X World Games is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Players and creators can obtain the X World Games (XWG) Tokens through a variety of innovative games. The first game launched on the platform is Dream Card, inspired by Pokemon TCG. Dream cards are digital, collectible characters built on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. You can trade them with XWG tokens, and cultivate new characters with exciting features, different degrees of cuteness, powerful combat attributes and trading values.

Players can build and customize their character dream cards with different special weapons and kinds of kit , not just for the card’s battle efficiency but also for the card’s uniqueness and value within the XWG world. All in-game character cards are going to be tokenized and represented by NFTs, which may be traded through the XWG marketplace.

How to join the X world Games Airdrop?




Step-by-Step Guide ”Xworld Games Airdrop”


  • Go to the X world Games Airdrop form.
  • Join X world Games on Telegram.
  • Follow @xwg_games on Twitter.
  • Quote retweet the CMC Airdrop Event & @Tag 5 friends.
  • Add XWG to your CoinMarketCap watchlist.
  • Submit your BEP20 wallet address and details to the Airdrop form.
  • Once you finish the above steps, you can claim your Airdrop rewards from the official webpage (the claim link will be announced)
  • on June 10. Please pre-login your wallet first, and a small amount BNB of the gas fee is required to claim your reward; then you can check your airdrop reward from your BSC wallet and My Assets page.


Disclaimer: Investors should take the time to research any given product before they invest their funds.



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