Upcoming Crypto Airdrops

Airdrop is a well-known word in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is used to describe digital asset distribution in the general public. It can be either a result of holding a token or being an active wallet address of a specific blockchain. Crypto Airdrops 2021 is the free delivery of the cryptocurrency coin or token to several wallet addresses. It is used to generate new followers’ attention, which eventually leads to more distribution of tokens or coins and a huge user base. Airdrop Cryptocurrency is a promotion activity that blockchain-based startups perform to assist virtual currency projects. The main perspective of this digital asset system is to spread general information about the Upcoming Crypto Airdrops and find more people to trade when it is listed on the exchange as ICO. You will get ample opportunities to earn Airdrop In Cryptocurrency at airdrop heist and join the best airdrops. Here we shared a step by step description of the procedure that needs to be followed in acquiring free token airdrops. If you have a great social presence and followers, then you will be eligible for the New Airdrop Coins Free. We promote airdrops on our website and send them to the current wallets of those who own ethereum or bitcoin.


Cryptocurrency airdrops or crypto airdrops is when a blockchain company (project) is giving away their tokens (usually) or coins for free. Now you can ask a question what is the difference between a token and a coin? And why they are giving them for free? When cryptocurrency is built on another blockchain, like Ethereum, NEO, or Stellar via smart contracts we have a token. They are giving them free usually because they have a new project and token airdrops are a great way to promote it and getting exposure. Airdrops are a great way to increase social network awareness of the blockchain project.

On our website, you can find plenty of new crypto airdrops. Our list is regularly updated.

Every airdrop has a different set of rules.

The current trend with new airdrops require retweets on Twitter, usually you need a minimum amount of followers. Make sure you have active social media accounts to be eligible for these free crypto tokens.

Today most airdrops require join a Telegram channel so make sure to download the Telegram app.

Other possible requirements are:

  1. Reddit
  2. Facebook
  3. Medium
  4. YouTube
  5. Slack & Discord
  6. LinkedIn

When you login to your Airdrop Dasboard, make sure to connect your social accounts in your profile. Which will make it easier to join our Exclusive airdrops.
Check your wallet address regularly to see if you received surprise airdrops. Platforms like Waves, Komodo or EOS have delivered free airdrops for their native coin holders without any prior announcement.

If​ ​you​ ​are​ ​an​ ​investor​ ​holding​ ​a​ ​diverse​ ​portfolio​ ​of​ ​coins​ ​you​ ​are​ ​likely​ ​to​​ be receiving​ ​more​ ​and​ ​more free​ crypto as​ ​this​ ​concept​ ​keeps​ ​gaining​ ​popularity.

However, it's not all fun and games when it comes to these crypto giveaways. We explained the most common problems with airdrops in our blog.